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Mel's Favorite Chili

Mel's Favorite Chili

I finally made the chili recipe from that fabulous blog,  The Clothes Make the Girl- it is very tasty & I thought I should pass it on.  I’m accustomed to chili with big chunks of meat as the base, so at first I hesitated, but there was no reason. It’s saucy & lovely & all of the ingredients are easily available in Prague (yeah!).

Mel’s Favorite Chili:

the base:
2 polévková lžíce (2 T) of your favorite fat: olive oil, coconut oil (I used olive oil)
2 onions, chopped
4 cloves garlic, crushed
1 kg (2 lbs) ground meat (lean beef, pork, turkey, veal, bison, or a mix) (It seems as if all of the mleté maso that I find is some sort of pork/beef combination.)
30 g (2 T) chili powder
30 g (2 T) ground cumin
1 polévková lžíce (1 T) unsweetened cocoa
1 čajová lžička (1 t) dried oregano
1 čajová lžička (1 t) (nové kořeni)
4 g (1 t) salt
400 g (14.5 oz) can chopped tomatoes
170 g (6 oz) tomato paste (My copy of this recipe says to use 12 oz & so I did (340 g) …)
400 g (14.5 oz) can beef broth (I didn’t have any cans of broth & so I used 2 beef bouillon cubes.)
1 bottle light beer (Shiner Lite tastes great!) or about a cup of water (I used a bottle of regular Staropramen- the bottles are a little bigger & so there’s a little more beer. Didn’t hurt at all…)
1 polévková lžíce (1 T) Louisiana hot sauce (I used Flying Goose hot sauce.)

1. Heat the oil in a large soup pot. Add onions and saute ’til soft. Add garlic and let heat ’til fragrant, about 2 minutes. DO NOT BURN THE GARLIC. Add the meat and sauté until browned and crumbled.  (Here I mixed things up a bit.  I DID NOT add the meat. I prepared everything else- added it all to the pot- & THEN went back & sauteed the meat which, after draining (I decided that the extra grease from the pork would be overwhelming) I then added to the pot.)

2. Blend all the spices in a small bowl. Add to pot and stir well, about 1 minute.

3. Add the tomatoes, tomato paste, hot sauce, and beef broth to the pot. Stir well.

4. Crack open the beer and take a sip for luck. Poor the rest into the pot and stir well.

5. Bring to a boil, then turn the heat to low so the pot has a gentle simmer. SIMMER FOR AT LEAST 2 HOURS. Do not skimp on the simmer. Just as rest time is the magic time when you build your strength, simmering is the magic time when the flavors meld.


Add additional quality fats with some chopped black olives, green olives, or avocado slices (or all three!).

Add more veggies by serving over a bed of cooked spaghetti squash, grated zucchini, or baby spinach leaves.

Make it indulgent with a tablespoon of Greek yogurt on top. Mmmmm….


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